Parenting Time

Minnesota Parenting Time Lawyer

Parenting time in Minnesota used to be called “visitation.” What this meant was that the parent who didn’t have physical custody of the child would visit the child on a schedule. While parenting time is the same thing, it is more than just visitation since some parents can split their parenting time, which translates into shared custody of the child.

Typically, a parenting time schedule is established following an application of paternity or following a divorce. At the Liebmann Law Office, we have assisted hundreds of individuals create a parenting plan that meets their needs and the needs of the children. This plan that your Minnesota divorce lawyer can help you establish can cover summer, holiday, vacation, and weekend schedules.

Custody And Parenting Time

It is typical for parents to share custody of their children, but that is not always the case. When custody is shared, the parents equally care for the child. However, there are times when one parent is awarded sole physical custody, which means the non-custodial parent spends significantly less time with the child. If this is an arrangement that you contest, then your Minnesota parenting time lawyer can help you possibly achieve a more satisfactory arrangement by submitting a request to modify the existing one.

Child Support And Parenting Time

Parenting time has become significantly more important when considering child support, especially since Minnesota has updated its child support guidelines. Now, the guidelines take into account how much time each parent spends with the child. Custody itself no longer influences how much child support the court makes the non-custodial parent pay. Because of this, more of a focus is placed on the actual parenting schedule and not who has custody.

Determining Parenting Time

As for how parenting time is determined, there are many factors that come into play. The court does have an evaluator who takes into account 13 different factors when it comes to determining what custody arrangement is best for the child. Many times, the parents request a specific arrangement. Perhaps that arrangement is for one parent to have sole custody because the other may travel a lot for their job, work a lot, or there may be distance between them. All of these are factors that are taken into account when determining who the child will live with and how much time each parent can and will spend with the child. This, in turn, will determine the amount of child support.

Contact A Minnesota Divorce Lawyer

As a parent, you want to spend time with your child, but you also want the custody arrangement that is in the best interest of your child. This is something that you should not have to take on yourself. Whether establishing a custody arrangement for the first time or trying to have one modified, you need a qualified attorney. To have a compassionate and knowledgeable attorney, call the Liebmann Law Office at 952-882-1227 today for a free 30 minute phone consultation.