Welcome To Liebmann Law Office

The Liebmann Law Office is a general practice law firm, practicing specifically in the area of family law, small business law, and bankruptcy.

For nearly 20 years, Gary Liebmann has assisted hundreds of clients in Minnesota by providing usable, non-nonsense advice that is affordable. When a person is in need of legal assistance, they should not be faced by an attorney who is abrasive and uncaring. Instead, an attorney should be someone who is understanding and supportive, while also providing advice that helps the client move forward in life.

Commitment To The Client

Whether you need assistance with divorce, planning your estate, administering an estate, or establishing your business, we are committed to you and the goal you wish to accomplish. We take a methodical approach to your case, while providing you with experience and knowledge that you can trust. We will present options to you, while also outlining the pros and cons of each, so you can make decisions in your case. We will never make decisions for you, leaving you in the dark, and will always answer any questions you have when you have them. This is our commitment to you.

Contact An Experienced Minneapolis Attorney

You need an attorney who will give the facts to you straight and who makes your best interest a priority. The goal is to help you move on with your life so that you can have the best possible future. When you schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation, you will learn about how the Liebmann Law Office can remove a great deal of stress from the situation that you are facing. Call today at 651-785-6888 to take the first step toward receiving legal help that can make a difference in your life.